About Yellow Arrows

We are dedicated to working with organizations and teams in the areas of admissions and marketing, new product launch, data and operations, and strategy and innovation. As part of our consulting practice, we also develop and lead workshops and trainings on creative culture/the entrepreneurial mindset, collecting and using data to inform decision-making, and operations planning and implementation.

Abby_profile_about_pageAbby Fitzgerald is the founding partner of Yellow Arrows, LLC. Prior to starting Yellow Arrows in 2012, Abby spent almost a decade as an admission professional at Northeastern University School of Law in Boston, Massachusetts. Abby earned an MBA from Northeastern University College of Business (concentrating in entrepreneurship and marketing), and a BA in International Studies and Anthropology from Marlboro College.

To keep creative, Abby is always looking for ways to freshen her perspective and stay present. She brings rich life experience into her work, including travel adventures such as walking 500 miles by herself across Spain, developing and running an arts camp at an orphanage in Costa Rica, scuba diving, caving, and waterfall rappelling in Cuba and Costa Rica, and capturing, writing, and illustrating the life story of an Israeli woman studying Flamenco dance in Spain. Abby stays connected with nature by horseback riding and exercises her funny bone doing improv comedy and raising two boys.

thumbnail_Carrie_send2Carrie Taubman joined Yellow Arrows as a partner in 2016 after almost nine years as the Assistant Dean of Admissions at Northeastern University School of Law in Boston, Massachusetts. Carrie and Abby worked together at Northeastern for five years approaching their work with the Yellow Arrows mindset. Before working in higher education, Carrie practiced law at a large law firm in Chicago and San Francisco. She also spent a year clerking with the High Court of American Samoa in Pago, Pago. Carrie earned her JD from Northwestern University School of Law and her BA in Psychology from the University of Missouri in Columbia.

Carrie is usually planning her next travel adventure. While she hasn’t yet tackled the Camino de Santiago (it’s on her list), she obtained her advanced scuba certification in Thailand, studied abroad in Australia, went hang gliding in Brazil, rode a train from China to Mongolia, and camped on the edge of the Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania. Since the birth of her son in 2012, her travels have been primarily in the United States. Her son already has over twenty states under his belt! Carrie recently moved back to her original hometown of St. Louis, Missouri and looks forward to rediscovering it.

The Story Behind Yellow Arrows

“In my early 20’s, I spent a month walking 500 miles by myself along the Camino de Santiago in northern Spain — a route people have traveled for over a thousand years. Yellow arrows mark the way along the Camino, and with nothing more than a backpack and walking stick, I followed these arrows for thirty-one days. It was a completely transformative experience, and I will especially never forget the trust and reliance I developed in these “yellow arrows” that acted as my guide throughout the journey.

“These yellow arrows came in all forms — spray painted on trees and grass, on buildings, on roads, and fence posts. Sometimes I’d find a fresh, easily visible crisp yellow arrow pointing the way; other times, just a splash of faded yellow that I didn’t see until I paused and let my eyes wander the landscape. These arrows guided me through cities, villages, forests, and hills. At first I was terrified of losing my way — what if I couldn’t find the next arrow? But, eventually, I learned that when you need it most, and when you know how to look, a yellow arrow will most certainly always appear.

“This is the same way I believe managers should approach making strategic and informed business decisions. If you structure your processes and systems so that you are collecting intelligent data, and you develop tools for translating that data into meaningful, readable forms — you will learn how to seek out indicators, how to spot the yellow arrows that will inform and guide your actions and inevitably lead you to experience transformative results.”