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What Clients Say

On Working With Yellow Arrows

It has been a pleasure to work with Abby and Yellow Arrows.  They were collaborative partners during the construction of our yield models and then great counselors through the admissions and yield process – the strength of our incoming class is a testament to their work.  I look forward to working with them in the future.

Jacob Baska
Director of Admissions & Financial Aid
Notre Dame Law School

Yellow Arrows provides expertise in a fast-changing industry. They bring a data-oriented approach to the complicated environment of enrollment management that’s customizable to your school’s programs. Their advisement is outstanding and relevant for professionals looking to advance their institution’s strategic enrollment objectives.

Christine Sneva
Sr. Director of Enrollment & Student Services
Cornell Tech

Being intelligent, resourceful, trusting and creative leads to transformative positive experiences.  Those aren’t just things that Abby Fitzgerald learned along the Camino de Santiago, it’s what she does as a yellow arrow for those of us who follow her.  Abby is one of a kind, leading us to find ways to rethink and recalculate our approaches to higher education generally and legal education specifically.  Her insights derive from her accomplishments and experiences but are informed by unique data modeling that blows the doors off relying solely on how it’s always been done.  If Abby didn’t help us, we’d have to invent someone like her.  Elon Law’s commitment to redesigning legal education for the 21st century is enhanced by Abby’s advice and guidance.  And to top it all off, she’s easy to work with and as nice as a sunny day in Carolina.

Luke Bierman
Dean and Professor of Law
Elon University School of Law

This is my first year working with Yellow Arrows. Abby has helped create a dialogue regarding tuition discounting, scholarship matrixes, and institutional priorities, while creating historical data points for the institution to reference in years to come. I thought I knew a little about projections and melt, but Abby is an expert. I literally can pose any scenario or question and she has been able to address the issue, provide suggestions with data, and come up with a resolution that fits with the institutional goals and targets. Abby has provided clarity and structure, as well analytical tools that will help us make strategic and informed admission and scholarship decisions for years to come.

Tracy Simmons
Assistant Dean of Admissions, Diversity Initiatives and Financial Aid
University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law

The Yellow Arrows team is excellent at helping us reach our enrollment goals. We’ve worked with the team for two admissions cycles and have been pleased with the outcomes. They understand the nuances of law school admissions, the market, and the needs of our institution and have expertly helped us build strategy to achieve our goals. The team is responsive to shifts during the cycle and in response has helped us adjust our strategy. Yellow Arrows never loses sight of the big picture, which has helped us see through rough patches during the admissions cycle.

Christopher Baidoo
Assistant Dean for Admissions
California Western School of Law

Abby has been an incredible enrollment management resource. Her emphasis on data driven decision making is critical to producing an effective enrollment strategy with predictive value. Abby helped me create and achieve realistic institutional goals, as well as enhance my professional skill set.

John Miller
Assistant Dean of Admissions
Vermont Law School

Abby is a godsend. The robust tools and methods she devised for our Admission Office have improved our admissions and yield efforts in so many ways. Her unique combination of warmth and candor make her a true pleasure to work with!

Gerald Heppler
Director of Admissions
Seattle University School of Law

Working with the Yellow Arrows team has been nothing short of fabulous! After 23 years in admissions, it is refreshing to collaborate with individuals who not only understand the industry but value the fact that admissions/enrollment management is both an art and a science and create a predictive model that accounts for all that.

Issa DiSciullo
Former Assistant Dean of Admissions and Director of Diversity and Inclusion
Thomas R. Kline School of Law, Drexel University

Abby is an incredible resource, helping teams, departments, and divisions orient their work to be data-driven, mission-driven, and strategic in better accomplishing their goals. She is sensitive to group dynamics, resource limitations, and administrative pressures in her work. I have worked with Abby in a variety of capacities – including as a colleague and as her subordinate. I remain particularly impressed not just by her top-notch analytical and quantitative skills, nor her expert eye on process and outcomes, nor her ability to unite disparate groups and teams towards a common goal (which I’ve witnessed in a variety of settings), but by her thoughtful, kind, and personable approach. I’ve seen Abby work in complicated work environments, including those situations where employees may be unhappy in general or particularly frustrated with their work. Abby is masterful in this realm and I’ve witnessed her personality and listening skills quickly win over even those employees most resistant to change.

Emily Almas
Assistant Dean of Admissions
Swarthmore College

Abby helped us to develop and expand our LLM program, including the creation of in-depth recruitment and marketing strategies, as well as the establishment of an admissions infrastructure and operational processes. As a result, we were able to more than double our program enrollment in one year as well as position the school to accommodate growth over the next few years. I would highly recommend Abby, as she did a fabulous job analyzing the situation, and then developing and instituting changes that will have a long term, positive impact long after the engagements are done.

Greg Tilley
Associate Dean for Administration and Planning
Northeastern University School of Law

Working with Yellow Arrows was an eye opening experience that brought order to our admissions modeling process. The admissions model that Abby created allowed us to make wiser admission and scholarship decisions, and provided valuable insight that allowed us to better understand our applicant pool and, in turn, create better-targeted prospect campaigns.

Thomas Schafer
Director of Admissions
Roger Williams University School of Law

On Our Admissions Modeling Workshop

The best 3 hours I’ve spent in a long time.

workshop participant

This was fantastic and I wish we had more time to be able to create a few more models. Your presentation was clear and easy to follow along. Great job. I heard from many people that it was exactly what they needed.

Michelle Allison-Slaughter
Assistant Dean for Enrollment Management
Thomas Jefferson School of Law

I was most impressed by the opportunity to leave the workshop with not only a better understanding of modeling, but also a functional tool tailored to my institutional needs that could be put to immediate use. It was great to hear the presentation of the thought processes and reasoning behind the modeling tools while simultaneously having an opportunity to work with them using our own data. It was a perfect way to reinforce the material and envision its immediate functionality. Fantastic overall experience! It was time well spent, and I look forward to future opportunities to work with Yellow Arrows! Thank you!

Amy Mangione
Assistant Dean and Director of Admissions
Western New England University School of Law

I could have stayed the entire day learning about this. The content was useful and compelling. Coming out of the workshop with a tool that we could use, made it more than worth the cost. Your presentation style was engaging and made the material easy to learn.

Michael J. States
Assistant Dean for Admissions and Financial Aid
The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law

The workshop was beneficial, and it gave a good basis for data keeping and data analysis as we move forward. The model was easy to use and understand. I would recommend to other institutions!

workshop participant

Very useful to my job and held at a great time! I loved the hands-on model of it. Many workshops say they are hands-on but aren’t. This one truly was— and it was hands on with MY OWN DATA! Awesome! I actually left with new information and something I could use and present to my senior team immediately, while also giving me long-term goals to think about. Delivery was fantastic. The perfect amount of background and theoretical support before we dove in.

Issa DiSciullo
Assistant Dean for Admissions and Director of Diversity and Inclusion
Drexel University Thomas R. Kline School of Law