Abby Fitzgerald
A Resource and Partner for Administrators in Higher Education

Improve your ability to make informed and strategic decisions relating to the future of your institution.

Offering consulting, advising, and training services in:

  • Admissions and Marketing
  • Strategy and Innovation
  • People and Culture
  • Data and Operations

What Clients Say

Abby helped us to develop and expand our LLM program, including the creation of in-depth recruitment and marketing strategies, as well as the establishment of an admissions infrastructure and operational processes. As a result, we were able to more than double our program enrollment in one year as well as position the school to accommodate growth over the next few years. I would highly recommend Abby, as she did a fabulous job analyzing the situation, and then developing and instituting changes that will have a long term, positive impact long after the engagements are done.

Greg Tilley
Associate Dean for Administration and Planning
Northeastern University School of Law

Abby is a pleasure to work with. She is highly professional, a strategic thinker and a savvy marketer. We worked together on an award-winning view book (her ideas inspired the approach) as well as many other successful projects. She is a team player who knows when to take the lead and when to stand back, always meets deadlines and is generally an immense pleasure to work with.

Deborah Feldman
Director of Communications
Northeastern University School of Law