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Leadership & Culture

Leaders of cutting-edge organizations know that culture is key when it comes to the ability to continuously innovate and lead in any industry.

The good news is that if you haven’t been paying attention to your institutional or team culture, you likely have a whole lot of untapped potential right in front of you waiting for permission to get to work.

Your ability to have a progressive and sustainable institution revolves heavily around culture. Although we are all about strategy at Yellow Arrows, we believe that institutional culture is just as important when it comes to moving the institution forward versus stagnating. In a professional environment, culture is the language you use, your mindset, the way you operate, the way you work together, the way you perceive your and others’ work—the way in which you approach problems and opportunities.

When things appear “stuck” (whether at the individual, project, or entire institution level), there is often fear blocking the way.

Indeed, from our perspective, fear is the enemy to creativity.

At Yellow Arrows, we strive to help leaders eradicate fear and develop and foster what we call “creative culture” within their team and/or organization.

Creative Culture

A creative culture is one where people and teams are forward-thinking and acting, continuously creating/building/changing systems and processes to support their bigger vision.

In a creative culture, people and teams typically are:

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energized, creative, and inspired

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empowered to make decisions and take calculated risks

Executive and Management Coaching/Advisory

The most impactful way to influence culture is through the way you lead. Through our advisory services, we develop long-term relationships where we act as your sounding board and partner in developing your team and fostering the kind of culture you want through effective leadership.

Every decision you make impacts the culture, but it is often difficult to see the forest through the trees when you are dealing with crises, personnel challenges, pressures, and deadlines.

As your partner, we offer different perspectives around the challenges you face and decisions you make as a leader. We focus on identifying opportunities where you can influence the direction of your team culture in a positive way.



We offer group workshops around creative culture in order to offer your team a common language and mindset around culture from which to operate. Fun, dynamic, and often inspiring, these workshops work especially well in conjunction with our leadership coaching so that the concepts learned are supported by leadership long after the workshop is over.

From Our Clients

“For three years, Abby has guided my department as we developed a trusting, highly creative team. In turn, we have been able to create and reach goals that would not be possible without the entrepreneurial mindset Abby has supported and encouraged. She is an absolute joy to work with and has been instrumental in our success.”

— Melissa Duncan
Director of Career & Student Development
Elon University School of Law

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