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The Yellow Arrows Approach

It all started with a 500-mile walk across northern Spain on the Camino de Santiago. Yellow Arrows founder Abby Fitzgerald set out on this solo journey as a 21-year old anthropology student. With nothing more than a backpack and walking stick, Abby followed the yellow arrows that mark the way along the Camino for 31 days. After this completely transformative experience, she quickly developed a trust and reliance in the yellow arrows that guided her throughout the journey.

The arrows came in all forms—spray painted on trees and grass, on buildings, on roads, and on fence posts. Sometimes she would find a fresh, crisp yellow arrow pointing the way; other times, just a splash of faded yellow that wasn’t visible until she paused and let her eyes wander the landscape. These arrows guided her through cities, villages, forests, and hills. At first, Abby was terrified of losing her way—what if she couldn’t find the next arrow? Eventually, she learned that when you need it most and when you know how to look, a yellow arrow will most certainly appear.

Years later, Abby met Carrie Taubman. No, Carrie wasn’t wearing a big yellow arrow stitched to a shirt or hat, though that certainly would have made for an incredible dramatic flourish to our story. Suffice it to say, fate really did point Carrie in Abby’s direction.

Together, Abby and Carrie bring the yellow arrows approach to their consulting work. Whether they are working with leaders, teams, or entire institutions, they seek to identify and understand what’s guiding you and work to ensure that you have processes and systems in place to support that journey.

They are looking to ensure the collection of intelligent data and the development of tools for translating that data into meaningful, actionable insight. With Abby and Carrie as your trusted guides, you’ll learn how to seek out and trust the indicators—how to spot the yellow arrows that inform and guide your actions and inevitably lead to transformative results.

Abby Fitzgerald

Abby Fitzgerald is the founding partner of Yellow Arrows. Prior to starting Yellow Arrows in 2012, Abby spent almost a decade as an admission professional at Northeastern University School of Law in Boston, Massachusetts. Abby earned an MBA from Northeastern University D’Amore McKim School of Business (concentrating in entrepreneurship and marketing), and a BA in International Studies and Anthropology from Marlboro College.

Carrie Taubman

Carrie Taubman joined Yellow Arrows as a partner in 2016 after nine years as the Assistant Dean of Admissions at Northeastern University School of Law in Boston, Massachusetts. Before working in higher education, Carrie practiced law at a large law firm with offices in Chicago and San Francisco. She also spent a year clerking with the High Court of American Samoa in Pago, Pago. Carrie earned her JD from Northwestern University School of Law and her BA in Psychology from the University of Missouri in Columbia.

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