The Yellow Arrows Approach

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It all started with a 500 mile walk across northern Spain. Known as the Camino de Santiago, Yellow Arrows founder, Abby Fitzgerald, set out on this solo journey as a 21-year old anthropology student. With nothing more than a backpack and walking stick, Abby followed the yellow arrows that mark the way along the Camino for thirty-one days. A completely transformative experience, she quickly developed a trust and reliance in these “yellow arrows” that guided her throughout the journey.

The arrows came in all forms—spray painted on trees and grass, on buildings, on roads, and on fence posts. Sometimes she would find a fresh, crisp yellow arrow pointing the way; other times, just a splash of faded yellow that wasn’t visible until she paused and let her eyes wander the landscape. These arrows guided her through cities, villages, forests, and hills. At first, Abby was terrified of losing her way—what if she couldn’t find the next arrow? Eventually, she learned that when you need it most and when you know how to look, a yellow arrow will most certainly appear.

It is this same mindset that Yellow Arrows was founded on, and the same approach we bring to our consulting work. Whether we are working with leaders, teams, or entire institutions, we seek to identify and understand what’s guiding you and work to ensure that you have processes and systems in place to support that journey. We are looking to ensure the collection of intelligent data and the development of tools for translating that data into meaningful, actionable insight. Together, we learn how to seek out and trust the indicators—how to spot the yellow arrows that inform and guide your actions and inevitably lead to transformative results.