Audience and Participant Feedback

Audience and Participant Feedback 2017-09-14T12:04:51+00:00

The best 3 hours I’ve spent in a long time.

workshop participant


This was fantastic and I wish we had more time to be able to create a few more models. Your presentation was clear and easy to follow along. Great job. I heard from many people that it was exactly what they needed.

Michelle Allison-Slaughter, Assistant Dean for Enrollment Management, Thomas Jefferson School of Law


Very good workshop. Timely and useful content.

workshop participant


I was most impressed by the opportunity to leave the workshop with not only a better understanding of modeling, but also a functional tool tailored to my institutional needs that could be put to immediate use. It was great to hear the presentation of the thought processes and reasoning behind the modeling tools while simultaneously having an opportunity to work with them using our own data. It was a perfect way to reinforce the material and envision its immediate functionality. Fantastic overall experience! It was time well spent, and I look forward to future opportunities to work with Yellow Arrows! Thank you!

Amy Mangione, Assistant Dean and Director of Admissions, Western New England University School of Law


This workshop was very well done. It focused on the nuts and bolts of modeling. Getting under that was very useful to me.

Caroline Wilshusen, Associate Dean for Admissions, University of Maine School of Law


The Creative Culture Retreat is the perfect primer for any strategic planning endeavor. Abby and Ted artfully guide you around mental roadblocks and towards a creative thinking space. You’ll leave the retreat being keenly aware of new possibilities.

workshop participant


SUPERB. So rewarding and validating and freeing. I have renewed hope that all participants will get on board with our creative culture guided by resonance. So different from anything at [the law school] in my last 7 years. Felt like a business retreat. So productive. Let’s transform legal education [by creating fresh new experiences and transforming ourselves]!

workshop participant


I could have stayed the entire day learning about this. The content was useful and compelling. Coming out of the workshop with a tool that we could use, made it more than worth the cost. Your presentation style was engaging and made the material easy to learn.

Michael J. States, Assistant Dean for Admissions and Financial Aid, The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law


The workshop was beneficial, and it gave a good basis for data keeping and data analysis as we move forward. The model was easy to use and understand. I would recommend to other institutions!

workshop participant


Great job! I think that the benefits and basics of modeling were clearly conveyed without getting too complicated. The presentation was well-organized and easy to follow.

Caitlin Lakhdar, Associate Director of Admissions, Northeastern University School of Law


Very useful to my job and held at a great time! I loved the hands-on model of it. Many workshops say they are hands-on but aren’t. This one truly was— and it was hands on with MY OWN DATA! Awesome! I actually left with new information and something I could use and present to my senior team immediately, while also giving me long-term goals to think about. Delivery was fantastic. The perfect amount of background and theoretical support before we dove in.

Issa DiSciullo, Assistant Dean for Admissions and Director of Diversity and Inclusion, Drexel University Thomas R. Kline School of Law


It was an enjoyable seminar. Very hands on. Perfect starting step for beginners to predictive modeling. I really appreciated the step by step style of how to approach a problem.

workshop participant


The Creative Culture Retreat showed me a system of operating and making decisions that is dynamic and deceptively simple. It gave my colleagues and me a fresh angle on the meaning and larger goals of our work, but also a set of concrete tools and methods for achieving and renewing those goals. I came out of the session energized and inspired, and I wish the whole school would use it. I believe that any organization embracing this approach would increase employee engagement and meet its goals more successfully.

workshop participant


I appreciated the opportunity to connect with my colleagues on a different level than we usually do at work, and to learn more about how we can work together to make [this law school] a better place to work for all of us, and to improve the student experience at the same time. I learned a lot and hope to have the opportunity for follow-up sessions to have help and support implementing these strategies. I was never bored. That’s hard to do in a 7-hour retreat— well done!

workshop participant